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UNI-Presse, a subscription agency at your service throughout the entire world.

UNI-Presse offers a service that simplifies subscription and subscription management by centralising the process: 1 contact person, 1 invoice.

UNI-Presse has two main activities:

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Managing subscription portfolios:

In order to facilitate the management of public authorities and large administrations, UNI-Presse centralises the subscriptions taken out by institutions in France and abroad. UNI-Presse manages periodical subscriptions (French and foreign press) on various media (print, digital, and print + digital) and of all types: dailies, magazines, specialised press, directories, collections, databases, and memberships to scholarly societies.

Selling subscriptions to individuals

UNI-Presse establishes links between its existing publications and millions of French speakers across the world, promoting the representation and expansion of the French press worldwide. Every year UNI-Presse helps approximately 7000 French publications of both general and public interest to increase their visibility and circulation in over 190 countries.

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UNI-Presse offers a personalised and responsive service that is well-versed in responding to its customers' specific needs.

Feel free to reach out to us for further information about our services or to get a personalised quote.

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