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Who are we?

UNI-Presse, making French press available worldwide: a subscription agency with 75 years of experience

Managing subscriptions for institutions

UNI-Presse’s mission as an association is to encourage and promote French culture and language throughout the world. It began in 1948 as part of the Service d’Exportation de l’Union Syndicale de la Presse Périodique (Export Service of the Export of the Trade Union of the Periodical press), itself founded in 1946. Today UNI-Presse offers publications by all of France’s main publishers and across all sectors of publishing: general interest, scientific, medical, legal, technical, literary, etc.

UNI-Presse is the bridge between its member publishers and millions of French-speaking readers throughout the world. Thanks to UNI-Presse, each year new readers in more than 190 countries are discovering and enjoying over 650 French publications of both general and special interest. UNI-Presse is financed by the subscriptions of its member publishers and by a grant from the French Government.

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The History of UNI-Presse

UNI-Presse, an association under the law of 1901, is dedicated to the promotion and influence of French culture and language throughout the world. UNI-Presse grew out of the Export Department of the Union Syndicale de la Presse Périodique, founded in 1946, and today brings together the leading French publishers in all sectors of activity: general public, scientific, medical, legal, technical, literary, etc.

Every year, UNI-Presse helps more than 7,000 French publications, both mainstream and specialist, to raise their profile and increase their circulation in more than 190 countries.

The French press all over the world

Thanks to our representatives, you can benefit from personalized support in your subscription process, wherever you are. This interactive map illustrates our network around the world.

UNI-Presse connects you with the world.
This global presence reflects our mission: to be wherever you need us and allow you to maintain a strong link with France through your readings!