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In accordance with the association law of 1901, UNI-Presse’s mission is to encourage and promote French culture and language throughout the world.

The association arose from the Export Service of the Export of the Trade Union of the Periodical press in 1948 (itself founded in 1946), in the hopes of making French press available worldwide.

UNI-Presse is the bridge between publishing houses and millions of French-speaking members throughout the world; we also strive for the promotion of the French press in every corner of the world.

UNI-Presse offers over 600 publications from the French Press and its major publishing houses in order to increase their visibility and distribute them in more than 190 countries.
Thanks to UNI-Presse, new readers in more than 190 countries are discovering and enjoying some 650 French publications across all sectors of publishing: general interest, scientific, medical, legal, technical, literary…

Our mission is to help you manage your subscription, even from abroad.

Whatever your business sector is, staying abreast of current events is necessary in order to understand the environment in which we live.
Press subscriptions remain the best way to access varied sources and regularly updated information.

– UNI-Presse offers you a service which simplifies subscription by centralizing the steps: 1 subscriber, 1 invoice.

We maintain privileged relationships with publishing houses; it allows us to present you a catalog of 600 references, and embraces ongoing enhancements and digital editions of your favourite magazines.

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