Rebates and reimbursement

Submitting a claim

In order to submit a reimbursement claim to our customer service department, you can simply log on to your account. Navigate to the “Order history” section, click on the order in question, and then click “I have a question.” This will permit you to submit any questions you may have regarding your order. In the order details, you can also ask questions about specific subscriptions by clicking on “I have a question about this subscription.”

Questions of reimbursement can also be submitted via subscriber pages; go to “My subscribers,” choose a subscriber, and click on “See these subscriptions.” Here it is possible to ask more questions about your order.

In order to submit your request, you must:

-Click to submit your question on your order or subscription.

-Select the object subject to reimbursal

-Write us your message

-Validate the message by clicking “send.”

It is not necessary to contact our customer service department again via email. Your request is sent in real time to our customer service department, who is committed to responding to your query as quickly as possible.

Consulting your claims 

In order to consult your claims, go to the section entitled “My reimbursals”. You can sort your claims by:



-Open or closed subscriptions

Details on your subscription are indicated.