Placing your order

In order to place an order, follow the next five steps (you’ll see their corresponding icons at the top of our webpage).

You must validate one step in order to pass on to the next.

Step 1: Choosing your subscriber:

In order to create a new order, click on “new subscription.” In the research bar, choose your subscriber from the drop-down menu or simply type in the first letters or numbers of their name or subscriber number.

Step 2: Choosing your titles:

In the search bar, enter the title, ISSN number, or publisher’s name.

You can increase or decrease the number of results shown by clicking the + or -.

In order to add a publication to your shopping cart, select the quantity of subscriptions you’d like, and click on “add.”

You can make a single price quote for multiple subscriptions or subscribers. If you can’t find a title you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Step 3: Reviewing your shopping cart

Your shopping cart is visible while you choose the titles to which you’d like to subscribe; you’ll see it in the column on the right.

This column presents:

-Your subscribers: name, subscriber number

-Your subscriptions: titles, values

-Supplementary elements: rebates, extra fees

You can consult your shopping cart by clicking on the button “See details.” Attention! If you click on “empty,” your selection will be deleted.

Once in your shopping cart, you can:

-Choose to continue shopping by clicking “continue shopping”

-Delete subscriptions

-Modify the quantity of your subscriptions

-Change currency (simply for calculations, all purchases are processed in euros)

-Create a price quote that will be saved in your client space

-Place your order

Step 4: Payment

By clicking on “order now,” you’ll be able to finalize your order and access the payment page. We propose several different payment options:

-Bank wire


-Credit card

At this stage, you can ask for an administrative bill for our services by checking the option “I would like to receive an administrative bill.” The agent in charge of your account will send it to you via email.

Step 5: Confirming your order

Once you have selected your method of payment, you will be able to confirm your order. You will receive an email as confirmation of your order.