My subscribers

Consulting my list of subscribers 

This section corresponds to where your subscriptions are sent. It allows you to visualise all the subscribers associated with your account and allows you to manage these subscriptions.

-Create and modify shipping addresses

-Export your list of subscribers

-Consult subscriptions and subscribers via the individual’s personal subscription sheet.

All modifications of this data are automatically transferred and taken into account by UNI-Presse’s customer service department.

We offer the ability to export this information to Excel spreadsheet form. The file will contain the following information on your subscribers:


-Social situation

-Name and surname

-Email address

-Phone number

-Fax number


Creating a new subscriber

In order to create a new subscriber, you must fill in the form dedicated to this purpose.

Attention: subscriptions are necessarily linked to subscribers; you must therefore create a subscriber page before you can complete your order.

Obligatory information is marked with a red asterisk.

This information corresponds to shipping coordinates. They must be completed correctly in order to guarantee your subscriptions safe and timely delivery.

Creating a subscriber or administrator account

This function allows subscribers or administrators to consult their subscriptions and their active and inactive orders.

Only the client, as he creates or modifies subscriber coordinates, is able to access information about his subscriptions, subscribers, or administrators.


Les étapes :

In order to authorize access, you must click on “My subscribers,” choose the desired individual, and then “modify information.”

You must enter an email address in the subscriber’s information in order to allow them to receive their own access codes.

A line will appear after you enter the email address, suggesting that you “create an administrator account (subscriber)”. A drop-down menu will ask Yes or No.

Finish entering the necessary information and click “modify.”

A confirmation email will be send confirming that the administrator account has been created and the login coordinates send to the subscriber. An email will also be sent to the subscriber to confirm his access, username and password.